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Lip Service: 8 Ways To Pamper Your PoutFeatured

Did you know lip care is skin care?

Like the rest of your skin, your lips have a stratum corneum (the skin’s outermost layer) — but this protective layer is thinner on lips than on any other skin on your body. Combine that with a lack of oil glands (lips rely on saliva for moisture), absence of melanin (your skin’s natural pigment and protection against UV rays), and you’ve got one sensitive organ.
Your skincare just isn’t complete without lip care. Here are 8 ways to pamper your pout:

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How To Safely Exfoliate Your Lips

Try This Healthy, Exfoliating At-Home Lip Mask for Silky-Smooth Lips!



1 PART RAW HONEY. If you’re allergic to propolis or beeswax (or as a matter of preference) substitute coconut jam or The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm.
1 PART OIL’S WELL virgin coconut oil with monolaurin.
1 DASH ORGANIC BROWN SUGAR or coconut sugar for softer exfoliation.


Combine Oil’s Well with raw honey (or coconut jam or Boo-Boo Balm). Add a dash of brown sugar. Mix until all parts are well blended.
Buff onto lips in gentle circular motions.
Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove with a warm damp cloth.


Honey (coconut jam or Boo-Boo Balm) acts as a humectant, binding water to the skin and locking in vital moisture. The sugar exfoliates and increases cell turnover, revealing new radiant skin. Oil’s Well (virgin coconut oil with coconut-derived monolaurin) is specifically designed to heal micro-fissures — especially beneficial for chapped and cracked lips due to very dry weather, sun damage or contact dermatitis.