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Curly Hair & Silicones…What’s Really Bad (and Good!)Featured

Curly hair does require special care. While there are lots of great resources online for important daily maintenance and styling tips — using a silk pillowcase, air drying or using a microfiber towel or T-shirt, etc. — we thought we’d add some information from a dermatological and formulation angle and address one ingredient in particular that has been flagged as “bad” for curly hair: silicones.

Is Silicone “Bad” For Curly Hair?

Several curly hair bloggers recommend no silicones in hair products. The bad rating seems to be based on the idea that silicones are not water soluble and therefore build up in curly hair. This is stated to be a concern for curly hair in particular because, as it is not washed daily, the silicones become saturated and weigh down the hair’s natural curls. When this happens, one then needs a “clarifying” shampoo to fully wash away the silicone buildup, and clarifying shampoos are too drying for curly hair.
This assumes two things: 1) something false about silicones (which we tackle further below), and 2) something true about many clarifying shampoos (they can indeed be too drying for curly hair…but there is more to this as well).

Diving Into Silicones

1) Allergenicity: Silicones are not allergens. This is notable because silicones are everywhere. The risk of allergenicity increases significantly when an ingredient is very common. Nickel, for example, is the top contact allergen and part of the reason why is its ubiquity (it’s found in almost every metal). Despite silicones being widely used in many products, the reports of contact allergies to them are extremely rare, and they are not in published allergen lists (these lists are based on patch tests done on almost 30,000 individuals). Silicone’s hypoallergenciity is important for sensitive skins and scalps, and can help reduce stress on the hair shaft, which is fundamental to curly hair care.
2) Anti-Inflammatory: In addition to not being allergens, silicones are normally well tolerated. Peer-reviewed published medical literature shows that dimethicone-based anti-acne regimens significantly had less erythema and dryness and could be used as a counter-irritant in formulations known to cause erythema and irritation; dimethicone added to sunscreens resulted in less irritation in patients with rosacea who tend to experience more irritation to common topical preparations; and silicones do not show comedogenic or irritant properties. Silicones, therefore, also have several benefits for the skin and scalp, including helping to lessen inflammation.
3) Environmental Concerns: In the case of nanoparticles, the concern is the potential buildup of silicones within the body. Nanoparticles (and this is a concern not just for silicone but for any ingredient in nanoparticle form) are very small molecules and there is a debate about their ability to penetrate beyond the skin to potentially cause harm inside the body. While there is still no definitive study or conclusion, we at VMV Hypoallergenics have chosen not use nanoparticles in any of our formulations. We have made this decision partly because of this concern but also because of another basic rule of hypoallergenicity: the smaller the particle size, the more an ingredient penetrates the skin, and the higher the risk of an allergic reaction. The particle size of silicones (certainly the ones we use) are large at 60 microns. The particle size that is inhaled and gets into the lungs and vessels is <10 microns.
4) Silicones and curly hair: It is highly unlikely that silicones cause buildup. Silicones tend to evaporate quickly (almost as quickly as alcohol), making buildup unlikely. They seem beneficial for curly hair as they provide additional slide, making detangling less risky (preventing the risk of breakage). Possibly more damaging to curly hair are strong detergents and other harsh ingredients, allergens, and irritants that tend to dry out hair, e.g. fragrance, dyes, amido-amine sulfates (e.g. cocamide-dea, cocamidopropyl, etc.) parabens, and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. These do tend to be present in clarifying shampoos…but not all. If you have curly hair and happen to need a clarifying shampoo because of another reason (like styling product buildup), there are options like Superwash that are allergen- and irritant-free, and that are non-drying.
In summary, because silicones evaporate almost as quickly as alcohol, it is unlikely that they’d build up in curly hair, even with infrequent shampooing…which also makes the need for a clarifying shampoo unlikely.


Preventing dryness is fundamental to curly hair care. Dry hair is generally a result of physical injury to the hair shaft. Some common culprits include harsh shampoos such as some anti-dandruff shampoos; frequent hair color stripping and/or dyeing; or regular hair curling, heating or straightening treatments. Very gentle care is required to reduce the stress on stretched hair shafts (the same applies to broken cuticles).
A regularly prescribed technique by our founding dermatopathologist who cares for more extreme cases is:

  • Apply plain petroleum jelly or The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm before shampooing to provide a barrier that protects breaks in the hair shaft.
  • Shampoo hair with a very gentle shampoo such as Essence Clark Wash which is free of ingredients — such as dyes, fragrance, and preservatives — that can potentially break down hair.
  • Use a rich but non-irritating conditioner and virgin coconut oil for repair.

For an at-home deep hydration treatment, try this:

  • Shampoo and condition your hair. As much as possible, do not dry.
  • While your hair is wet, comb Know-It-Oil or Oil’s Well virgin coconut oil through your hair and cling wrap it.
  • Rinse after 30-60 minutes.
  • Let air dry.

Read more about how hypoallergenic helps dry hair and dry scalp. And try this for a great (hypoallergenic) hair pomade!

Laura is our “dew”-good CEO at VMV Hypoallergenics and eldest daughter of VMV’s founding dermatologist-dermatopathologist. She has two children, Madison and Gavin, and works at VMV with her sister CC and husband Juan Pablo (Madison and Gavin frequently volunteer their “usage testing” services). In addition to saving the world’s skin, Laura is passionate about health, inclusion, cultural theory, human rights, happiness, and spreading goodness (like a great cream!)

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Top 40 Skin, Makeup, Health & Happiness Tips!Featured

Pause, please. 

40 years of published and awarded research on skin, hypoallergenicity, and clinically-effective care has led us more and more to this fact: what affects the skin is far more than what is applied on it.
Science is showing just how interdependent — how linked — all aspects of our health are. The care of skin cannot be separated from what we eat, how often we exercise, underlying health conditions, and how well we sleep and manage stress.
It’s time to pause, review, and share some of the most proven ways to care for all aspects of health — skin, body, and mind.

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Skincare To Swipe Right On

Skincare To Swipe Right On

You’re so good about eating well (your friends say you should start charging for tips), exercising daily (people call out your name when you walk into the gym), sleeping more, controlling stress, and being happier (your new nickname is sensei). For your skin, you’ve done your research (you’re on a first-name basis with beauty bloggers), you’ve become a formidable “skintellectual” and have your alpha hydroxies and antioxidants down (your dermatologist asked for your opinion about a new sunscreen). And you’ve finally, carefully chosen a skincare partner. This is the moment of truth: you’ve hit the end of what you can control. Your skin is now largely in the hands of the products you’ve selected to deliver on their promises and (please!) not cause damage you’ll have to correct later. Your power over your skincare product ends as soon as you put it on. Will it do what it says it does? Is it as safe as it says it is?

Skincare As Dating

We use the word “partner” for a reason. When dating, you work on you, scope out the options, identify a possibility, do some background checking, gauge his or her friends and then…you wait and see. Sometimes that trust is well placed and leads to a rewarding relationship. Other times, you’re let down. You might get hurt. You need time to recover. You’re left with scars.
Luckily, skincare needn’t entail as big a leap of faith as love. There are well-established standards of proof that are far more reliable than, “but he seemed so nice!”

Beauty is “Proof,” Proof Beauty

Slightly tweaked, Keats’ famous lines are an ode to that gold standard of scientific validity: the randomized, double-blind, evidence-based clinical study — which we at VMV Hypoallergenics have always done. Our investigative studies are scientifically robust and impressively so. One published study is eyebrow-raising; we have over 75. In the hyperbolic world of cosmetics, true beauty lies in evidence. Putting your faith in the double-blind study is far better than flying blind.

Research Terms To Swipe Right On

“Clinically tested” can mean lots of things. Some tests are more subjective, mainly consisting of people sharing their thoughts about a product (“99 out of 100 women say they saw an 80% reduction in wrinkles”). There is nothing wrong with this type of test, but it does rely primarily on the test subjects’ own opinions of what they see in the mirror, how they feel, and even how much they like the brand and the type of product they were given. Other tests use qualitative data like before-and-after photos. While helpful, these photographs are generally considered to be less conclusive than quantitative data such as objective measurements of certain biological aspects of the skin using specialized equipment. Rare in cosmetics, double-blind (meaning the subjects never know what they’re using). “Evidence-based” means randomized, double-blind trials with quantitative data — which is standard in prescription pharmaceuticals, and at VMV.

A Well-Rounded Partner

“Evidence-based” is in our safety as much as our efficacy. A study on our VH-Rating System, the only hypoallergenic “grading” system of its kind, was published in one of the leading journals on contact dermatitis and is proven to be effective at increasing customer safety, showing less than 0.1% reported reactions in 30 years. A new patch test study with multiple VMV products on hundreds of subjects showed zero irritant and allergic reactions, even in conditions allowing for greater contact of products on the skin and expected to produce reactions earlier and faster than normal. Another study on the non-comedogenicity of virgin coconut oil was presented at the American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS) meeting.
Our research includes investigative and case studies, too, and not just for cosmetics. Our research covers issues as diverse as nutrition and acne, psoriasis, pemphigus vulgaris, and mycosis fungoides (a type of cancer of the immune system). Such research is not cosmetic, but adds to our understanding of the skin, diseases, treatments, and treatment mechanisms. This knowledge contributes directly to how we develop all our products — from cosmeceuticals to basic care and even makeup.
One published study is a major achievement, unusual for cosmetics. We have over 75. We might be a skin health and beauty brand, but proof is our business.
100% Skin Love
These medical measures are objective, well-proven, consistent and replicable. They reduce the risk of disappointment and adverse effects significantly.
It’s a pretty awesome thing, actually: unlike some dates, skincare that looks this good — this scientifically, objectively robust — “on paper” can be relied on. It will keep its promises. It will deliver. It’ll help you feel good, too. It’ll boost your confidence. It’ll never judge you, just help you. It’ll never ask you for anything in return. It’ll love you for life. It’ll love your friends and family. It’ll protect you. It’ll be loyal, and it’ll get more rewarding the longer you stay with it.
The skin is the body’s largest organ. It can show signs of internal problems before even a blood test, MRI or x-ray. Our skin is fundamental to how we live in the world. It controls our temperature, it expands and contracts as we need it to, it protects us. It is vital to how we sense fear and love. So much of intimacy and sexual attraction is about skin and touch. Skin-to-skin contact is important not just for sensuality but for us as humans  — studies have shown that babies suffer developmentally and physically by not being held enough; doctors advocate skin-on-skin contact between mothers and newborns for improved bonding, physical and emotional development and healing (even improved survival rates from body warmth). And our skin’s health is how we present ourselves to the world. Clear, healthy, vibrant skin is a great ingredient to that happy stew of goodness that helps you feel good about yourself.
Your relationship with your skin is not something to be taken lightly. At the very least, skincare should be expected to keep the promise built right into its name: care.
More Resources:
For more on testing at VMV, see About VMV: Our TestingAbout VMV: Clinical Studies, Published Articles, References or search
To shop our clinically-proven safe and effective products, visit For help putting together regimen to help you achieve your skin goals, or for recommendations customized to your patch test results, ask us at (212) 217 2762.

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Lip Service: 8 Ways To Pamper Your PoutFeatured

Did you know lip care is skin care?

Like the rest of your skin, your lips have a stratum corneum (the skin’s outermost layer) — but this protective layer is thinner on lips than on any other skin on your body. Combine that with a lack of oil glands (lips rely on saliva for moisture), absence of melanin (your skin’s natural pigment and protection against UV rays), and you’ve got one sensitive organ.
Your skincare just isn’t complete without lip care. Here are 8 ways to pamper your pout:

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Jess Arnaudin, Green Beauty and Travel WriterFeatured

Jess Arnaudin

Green Beauty and Travel Writer
New York, NY

Jess Arnaudin is an expert skin therapist, makeup artist, beauty writer and adventure seeker on a mission to examine beauty beyond boundaries. Jess combines her 6+ years of experience within New York City’s spa industry with an insatiable curiosity to find the best eco-beauty experiences around the world and share them with YOU! Join Jess on her #beautyadventure and find out firsthand why travel is so incredibly important for your skin and your soul!
Contact Jess for a spa session, or your bridal or special-event makeup.

Follow Jess for eco-conscious skin, beauty and healthy living tips now on!


“Gorgeous training today with the @vmvhypoallergenics team — lots of laughs & good energy all around. Thank you, @ccvr3 @lauraatvmv @vmvhypoallergenics! #hypoallergenic #hypoallergenicmakeup #skinsafe #fragrancefree #highlight #contour #training #makeup”

“It’s a #superfood kind of morning! Berries are sky high in vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) which is the key to #collagen production! It’s also vital in repairing skin’s barrier function. Grab a handful of fresh berries & join me in this colorful carnival of vitamin C! ? (Bowl from @Anthropologie) #powerfood #beautyfood #morningessentials #greenbeauty #vitaminc”
“Matcha energy balls ???Thanks @bysaber & @glowleanrecipes for the inspiration! I made substitutions: (strawberry & honey filling instead of raspberry, and added coconut shavings to matcha powder for coating) and love the result. Best when eaten frozen / chilled! #matcha #matchamadness #energyfood #glutenfree #greentea #greenteapowder #glowlean #coconut #strawberry #cleaneating #skinhealth #caffeine #happysunday #sundayfunday” Instagram-AxisArtistry-MachaBalls-June2015-20150711
Good Living…
“January 15th. Half-way through the first month of the year. How go your resolutions? Every day is a new chance! Take a deep breath. Smile. And start again! Mine is spending more time with a gratitude journal. Totally changes my perspective! #attitudeofgratitude #gratitudejournal #resolutions #pulsecheck #accountability #newbeginning #newopportunity #dreambig #workhard #givethanks #greenbeauty”
“Sending love & light today! We all need a little healing sometimes. ✌️Speak life. Speak love. See light. #gratitude #mindovermatter #love #light #life #healing #energy #peace #mindovermatter #positivevibes”

Get skinspired!

Our Brand Ambassadors inspire their community with their artistry, spirit, guidance and goodness. 

Artists, athletes, makeup artists, and more who love what we “dew” as much as we love their contributions to the world.

At VMV HYPOALLERGENICS, we support Brand Ambassadors who spread goodness and “skinside-out” health.
Meet more of our Brand Ambassadors VMV Hypoallergenics Brand Ambassadors!

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Makeup Hack: Anti-Aging "Tan" with Virgin Coconut Oil!

This Gorgeous Anti-Aging Tan Is Made In The Shade!

There is just no upside to tanning. It leads to skin cancer (deadly) or leathery, wrinkly photo-aging (mummification). This virgin coconut oil-rich bronzing technique lets you channel Raquel Welch circa “One Million Years B.C.” … without looking one million years old.

What you need:

  1. Tarte-à-Tan Antioxidant Bronzing “Coco” Powder
  2. Know-It-Oil or Oil’s Well virgin coconut oil
  3. Small bowl or saucer.
  4. Nail file or hard, thin spatula

“Dew” It:

Using your nail file or thin spatula, scrape about ¼ teaspoon of Tarte-à-Tan Antioxidant Bronzing “Coco” Powder into a small bowl or saucer.

Add virgin coconut oil (Know-It-Oil or Oil’s Well) in the same amount you’d use on your face and body.

Stir, then spread on like a lotion, starting with legs, then torso and arms. The leftover oil on your hands is the perfect amount for your face.

Feel like you need more glow on the face?

  • Dust on some more Tarte-à-Tan (How To Apply Bronzer) and add a warm blush (Skin Bloom Blush in Bellini is an all-time favorite with a tan).
  • Want to kick the shimmer up even more? Add Skin Bloom Blush in Luminous strategically (Hypoallergenic Strobing).

Blow-dry and/or complete the rest of your makeup before getting dressed — because virgin coconut oil’s fatty acids are native to skin, it sets quickly (and even if it stains clothing it usually washes out easily).

That’s it! Your anti-aging tan is complete!


Instead of wiping off the little leftover oil, scrunch up the ends of your hair for a leave-in conditioning treatment. Or gently pat your hair to help tame fly-aways!

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Why Is Coconut Oil So Great at Removing Makeup?Featured

We already know that virgin coconut oil — specifically pure, organic (not RBD, or Refined, Bleached, Deodorized) VCO — is a godsend for very sensitive or reacting skin. But why is it so good at removing makeup?

First, Less Removes More:

You need less of it to remove a lot of makeup…even heavy performance makeup intended to survive dance and other physical exertions under hot stage lights. The oil’s molecules bond to dirt and makeup very well, which explains why it’s so good at clearing so quickly. This is important for sensitive skin because repetitive rubbing or excessive cleansing can increase the risk of a reaction.

Second, Organic VCO is Non-Allergenic:

While there have been some reports of reactions to RBD coconut oil, or oils with allergens and additives, there are no reports of reactions to pure, organic, cold-pressed VCO.

Third, It’s Non-Comedogenic:

Old reports of coconut oil causing acne were from rabbit-ear tests, that have since been repeatedly repudiated by newer clinical studies on people and with actual use.

Fourth, It Heals As It Cleans:

As it cleans your face, VCO gifts your skin with so much goodness, chief among them, soothing, deep, intensive moisturization and anti-inflammatory care.

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Man MakeupFeatured

Grooming is in. I like the term grooming because I think that men are more likely to be open to “grooming” than to makeup. Makeup can seem like it’s for women only, and that it would be awkward to wear. I see this a lot on shoots with men who try to avoid “the makeup chair.” Grooming, on the other hand, is basic care. Brushing your hair, washing your face, even wearing a well-pressed shirt is “grooming.” And that’s how most makeup for men works. It helps hide what you want to hide, so that you look like you, just neater and more polished, well rested, and energized.


Me, with model Karl Kramer


With Manny V. Pangilinan, Chairman of PLDT-SMART, the largest telecommunications and digital services company in the Philippines.

A lot of people think that putting makeup on a woman is harder than putting a makeup on a man. But I find applying makeup on men more difficult because you need to make sure that they look natural — their makeup often needs to look like no makeup at all. As a makeup artist, I find that achieving this is highly dependent on using the right products.

Karl Kramer | Patrick Henry, stylist | Dauson Bermtay, designer | Chester Veloso, photographer

Some of the products that I use for grooming are concealer/correctors, foundation, powder, blush, contour kit, eyebrow products and lipstick. Choosing the right products is really tricky because, for the most part, makeup that isn’t obviously makeup works best. I also usually consider the effect of the products on the skin (I don’t want to harm my client’s or the model’s skin, so as much as possible, I choose products that are hypoallergenic). Even the shade of the lipstick is really important. Men are really particular about that.

Actor, endorser, influencer Teejay Marquez | Patrick Henry, stylist | Dave Arden, associate stylist | Meanne Santos-Ong, wardrobe | Chester Veloso, photographer

So, guys…what are you waiting for? There is no harm in trying makeup if it helps boost your confidence. Many of the newer formulations are so good for your skin and lips that they really are more about grooming than anything else. You can say with all honesty that the great new concealer you’re using to hide the dark circles under your eyes is actually just a cream…that happens to do a great job at making you look less tired!

Our recommendations for makeup for men:

Skintangible “BBBB Cream” (BB But Better): Basically a multi-benefit, oil-free skin cream that’s so barely tinted, it almost disappears into the skin but leaves the complexion evened out and brighter. It’s got an anti-acne ingredient, anti-aging antioxidants, and it’s SPF 30, too. Quick tip: smooth skin is a better base for any makeup. Check out our 1635 Gentle Men’s (Therapeutic) Shaving products that double as skincare.
Skin-The-Bluff Concealer: Choose the green color, “Red Alert,” to cancel out redness, then dab on N1, N2, or N3 (depending on your skin tone) to camouflage zits and red patches. Choose the yellow shade, “No More Blues,” for dark under-eye circles (seriously, the best thing for meetings the morning after a late night out).
Sheer Lip Tint: Barely-there hints of color in formulations that are basically lip balms. Still too much of a leap? The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm is a fave for lip care and just a hint of shine…plus it’s a virtual skin “swiss army knife” you can keep on you for post-sports scrapes, dry cuticles, wounds, cuts, and more.


Sharms is a freelance hair and makeup artist, image consultant at John Robert Powers, and events manager. Mom to Taz and Benny, Sharms is an avid mountaineer (“MOMtaineer”!) who loves to travel.

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A VMV Mother's Day Tribute: #MomSavedMySkin

Mothers are heroes and they’ve saved us in more ways than you can count. We asked VMV Hypoallergenics moms and daughters how their moms saved their skins. These are some of their “skinsights”!

Photo courtesy of Marie-Julie Ona.

Marie-Julie Ona

What beauty and skincare tip has your mom given you?
Don’t forget to moisturize your neck, décolleté and hands as well!
What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
There are so many things I want to tell my daughter. Makeup is just a fun way to celebrate your moods. But don’t wear too much of it — it’ll make you look older!

Photo courtesy of Kristen Bechara

Kristen Bechara

What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
I haven’t been able to have any beauty talks with my daughter yet, but when she is old enough I hope she will be comfortable in her skin. And love herself flaws and all. For more practical advice, I’ll teach her to read labels for any product she is putting on (or in) her body. It’s important to know about your skincare, as skin is your body’s largest organ! 

Which VMV products have saved your skin?
For me personally, I think the Essence Antiperspirant is amazing and really has no competitor or substitute. I also use Red Better for my rosacea. My kids use only VMV products since birth: Clark Wash/Grandma Minnie shampoo, Lotion, Know-It-Oil.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Fandiño.

 Nicole Fandiño

What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
Take good care of your skin. Tans fade, wrinkles don’t. 😉

Which VMV products have saved your skin?
Armada is <3.

Photo courtesy of Yuba Reichard.

Yuba Reichard

What is one piece of beauty advice you would like to pass on to your daughter?
You are perfect just the way you are and to start taking care of your skin from an early age.
Which VMV products have saved your skin?
The Id Monolaurin Gel for acne and breakouts.

Photo courtesy of Rocio Duarte.

Rocio Duarte on mom, Joanna Duarte

How has your mom saved your skin?
She was the one who encouraged me to start taking care of it. Without her, my skin would be a lot worse off than it is now.
What is one beauty or skincare tip your mom has given you?
Pretty basic, but she made it a habit for me to have a solid and effective routine. It doesn’t have to be complex — just cleansing and toning (and occasionally exfoliating) works for me.
Do you have any VMV products you share with your mom?
We share the Superskin 2 Toner. Actually, that was the very first product she told me to use when I first began taking care of my skin!

Photo courtesy of Mireya Vazquez-Prada.

Mireya Vazquez-Prada on mom, Tina Ansaldo-Cruz

How has your mom saved your skin?
My mom can handle any situation with confidence and ease. When things go wrong, I usually have a “What would mom do?” moment and that’s usually enough to pull me through.
What is one beauty or skincare tip your mom has given you?
Less is more. Once you find a routine that works for you, strip it down to the essentials. My mom’s philosophy is that the best makeup routine is a good skincare routine, and I’m starting to love the natural look more and more. Also: drink loads of water! It’s so easy to forget that some of the most important care happens under your skin, not on top of it.
Do you have any VMV products you share with your mom?
While I am a sun worshipper and my mom is definitely not, we completely agree that Armada sunscreens are absolutely essential. They are products I’ve literally grown up with — from Armada Baby to Armada Sport and now the classic — and become our gold standard for sun protection. You’ll also find us using id monolaurin gel all the time. It’s the absolute best for spots and sweat acne.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, and to all those who mother. We straight-up LOVE you and wish you a day of pure “skindulgence”!

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Wave The "Wipe" Flag: Why You Should Give Up On Makeup Removing WipesFeatured

Wipes are neat and quick…but for sensitive or acne-prone skin, they may not be worth the downsides.

For Sensitive Skin, Residue Is a Resi-“Don’t.”

Wipes cannot clean as well as makeup removers or cleansers, and usually leave residue. In addition to the acne/irritation risk, this residue normally includes leftover dirt.

Wipes can rub you the wrong way.

Because they don’t clean as well, wipes may need more rubbing for a better clean, which can cause follicular inflammation and acne.

Allergens in the Sheets:

The material used in wipes has plastic resins like polyester, polyethylene, and polypropylene, many of which are allergens.

Allergenic Preservatives:

Because wipes are meant to stay moist, they contain a lot of water — which is heaven for bacteria and other microbes. Preservatives are needed, and a common one is methylisothiazolinone (MCI/MI). There are multiple reports of allergies to adult wipes: contact dermatitis tests show enough reactions to make MCI/MI one of the top allergy-causing preservatives.

What To Use Instead:

If you don’t use a lot of makeup, a simple cream cleanser or scrub is good enough (never use soaps on the face).
If you’d consider yourself a “regular” makeup user and love the speed and efficiency of a wipe, or have oily or acne-prone skin, an oil-free makeup remover is easy to work into your routine.
If you use heavy makeup — including stage or TV makeup — and/or have dry or sensitive skin, an ultra-gentle makeup remover with virgin coconut oil can be a game changer. The molecules bind to dirt and makeup for through removal without irritation or clogging pores.