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Don't Touch Your Face

Paws Off That Fab Face.

You use your hands to touch everything…your phone, keyboard, handrails, others people’s hands, desktops and kitchen counters…everything.Ā TransferringĀ all those microbes to your face increases your risk of sickness and acne, and could trigger a contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis (eczema) or allergic flare-up if you happen to haveĀ touchedĀ allergens that you’re sensitive to.
Touching your face could make it more temptingĀ to pickĀ at pimples, too, which can lead to further infection, more acne, and scarring.
Got a habit ofĀ resting your faceĀ on your hands or fingers while at the computer,Ā reading, listening to a lecture or watching a movie? You may not realize that you’reĀ pulling or pushing your skin in different directions, straining its elasticity more than usualĀ andĀ makingĀ your anti-aging cream work harder than it hasĀ to.
Use your hands to wash your face and apply skincare…then leave your face alone. And, keep a non-drying hand sanitizer, uh, handy at all times to lessen the chances of infection (TIP: our Id and Kid Gloves Monolaurin Gels double as pimple-fighting anti-inflammatories for “acnemergencies!”)

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