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Clear Your Acne, Rashes, Darkening & Dryness With…Toothpaste?

The strangest things could be causing your skin problems…

Like a deeper dental cleaning…but far, far more pleasant.
…like toothpaste!
If you have chronically chapped, flaking, or darkened lips; or acne, rashes, or hyperpigmentations on the jawline, or around the mouth and chin, you may have peri-oral dermatitis. Common culprits include fluorides, flavors, dyes, preservatives and other allergens or halogens in toothpastes and oral care products.
The good news is that just switching toothpastes can bring dramatic clarity. For best results, ask your doctor for a patch test
…and try this Halogen-Free Diet.
To learn more about peri-oral dermatitis, check out Acne/Rashes/Pigmentation: Around Mouth/Chin/Jaw; Peri-Oral Dermatitis and Patient Story: Patch Test Prevents and Heals.

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